Bird: In-Ride Navigation



Bird needed a way to give people directions, and ideally also put them on the safest route with the most bike lanes, and fewest “no ride” or “reduced speed” zones. However, Bird Scooters do not have a flexible interface built into the software - so my goal was to create a faux-hardware solution with the Bird app.




Transforming Hardware Through Design

The visual and interaction design was make or break for this experience. I needed to make sure that this design solution was not actually creating even more of a safety hazard than by users not being able to use GPS at all.

  • Users enter a destination before they begin their ride. When they start, they see a super-simplified In-Ride display that shows only Turns and Speed while moving.

  • Once a user reduces to 0 MPH, they get slightly . more detail. They can also have access to the filtering system in case they need to make adjustments or change their destination.

  • Users can toggle between prioritizing bike lanes vs. quickest trip time, and routing to Parking vs. routing direct to the front door of their destination.

  • To limit the time users need to look at their screens, we can flash color to alert them when they are very close to a turn.

  • We can also use color and simple messaging to alert users who have gone off route and entered one of our policy zones (that cause the scooters to either slow down or stop completely).