Frost Museum of Science

UI Design for Mobile & Web


Science should be fun, and it should be for everyone.

A little science museum in Miami got a huge disruption after receiving millions of dollars from a pair of philanthropists. 

Frost scrapped almost all of their branding just as our project began, which made the design process very tricky. We were tasked with designing and building a large network of web templates they could use after content was finally created to fill them in, as well as a mobile app with some form of gamification.

The largest challenges were creating a functioning design system with very minimal brand elements, and making sure both design and code were compliant for accessibility. We made photography the hero of the design, and large, engaging text that guides the user down a straightforward path to the information they most want to delve into.

Created at Chaotic Moon Studios

Creative Direction  •  Dom Bellia   |   Art Direction  •  Stephanie Ciccone

Visual Design  •  Christine Soules   |   UX Design  •  Tiffany Chow & Tony Matejek